It measures 99mm x 32mm x 55 mm, is hefty, is made of aviation aluminum for durability and has a rubberized finish for durability and to prevent slippage.  The buttons on the control face are made of ss and are clicked for easy use.  At the top of the unit, there’s a spring-loaded 510 connection bezel for easy atomizer installs.

 The device is available in all black, white with black and red with black. 

The VTBox 250 utilizes a Li-Polymer 1500mAh internal battery that can be swapped out conveniently by removing the  back cover.  The battery is recharged via a USB port on the control face, which is also used for firmware upgrades in case a new OS with the latest features comes out.  The device is can also be completely customized thanks to Evolv’s Escribe software which easily installs on any PC.

This VTBox features a massive 250 watt power ouput and precise temperature control with all coil types.  Variable temperature operation is available in the range of 200°F to 600°F and the unit can fire down to 0.20Ω in power mode and 0.10Ω in temperature control modes.  To make  it easier to operate, the device comes pre-installed with eight different presets.  For more customization, it is recommended to use Evolv’s Escribe software to put in your preferences very fast and easy.  Built into the VTBox250 is also a number of safety protections that prevent the device from overheating, from shorting, from firing with a resistance that is too high/low and to ensure battery levels are optimal.

Features & Specs

  • Constructed from T6 senior aviation aluminium
  • Durable rubberized finish
  • Available in black, black/red, black/white
  • Measurements: 3.9″ x 1.3″ x 2.2″ or 99mm x 32mm x 55 mm
  • Weight: 195g
  • Stainless steel/springloaded 510 connection
  • 0.91″ OLED screen
  • Authentic DNA 250 chip by EVOLV
  • Power output range: 1W to 250W
  • Voltage output: 0.5V to 9.0V
  • Swappable Li-Polymer 1500mAh battery
  • Balance 2 amp charging via USB port
  • Pass-through vaping
  • Power mode range: 1W to 250W
  • Temperature range: 200°F to 600°F
  • Power mode resistance: 0.20Ω or higher
  • Temperature mode resistance range: 0.10Ω or higher
  • Input voltage range: 9V to 12.6V
  • Output voltage range: 0.5V to 9.3V
  • Maximum output current: 55A
  • 97% efficient
  • Use Escribe software for customized profiles
  • USB Firmware upgrades
  • Atomizer short warning
  • Low battery warning
  • Over-temperature protection
  • High resistance protection
  • Low resistance protection

7 thoughts on “VTBOX250

  1. The VT250 is possibly the “Best of the Best” mod of the year! I own 10 of these, including the VT200’s. This is how highly I think of the VT’s. The design is second to none. The build and workmanship are beyond others. Feel and operation of these mods are amazing. Would buy more if additional colors are introduced! Looking forward now, to purchasing the Creator 75C. Looks like a winner with many color options (Gold not included). In reality, it seems though, every mod VapeCige produces, turns to Gold.

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