The DNA 75 Color is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers. It features Evolv's patented Wattage Control, Patent Pending Temperature Protection, Preheat, Onboard Buttons, Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation, and a 160 x 80 pixel Color TFT Screen. The DNA 75 Color runs from a single cell lithium polymer battery.

Evolv's EScribe 2.0 and Theme Designer software can be used to make the DNA 75 Color look and act exactly like you want. Designed for ease of use while allowing complete customization, the DNA 75 Color is vaping down to a science

Fit for Dual 18650 battery

Spring Load 510,   30mm

Size: 87*48*32.5 mm

11 thoughts on “Creator DNA 75C

    1. next week will be available. I’m not sure about your area. Gearbest will begin to sell soon, and vape geek in UK in pre-oder.

  1. Hello im wondering if you are considering making a Bottom Feed BF Sqounker mod the VapeCige creation mod is ideal to be made into a DNA 75C SQOUNKER ,
    BY using one battery compartment for a juice bottle the other to power it
    You could add a BF 510 to your mod and cut out one door to allow it to be Sqounker able

    Would this be a future option
    Its a missed opportunity for such a nice device ,
    I do own the VTbox 25p dna 75 c mod an thinking of purchasing another creator to convert to bf Sqounker mod

  2. Hi are you planning to release a metallic version of this in the future like the latest sd nano release as I prefer that finish over these painted ones?

  3. The best DNA75C mod ever. Build quality is top notch, the battery compartments and covers are secure and tight. The buttons have just the right amount of “clickiness” and a large 30mm 510 plate where all my atomizers sits flush and secure. Highly recommended! I am buying one more 🙂

  4. Got a all black model today . What a beautiful mod !!! 🙂
    Fits perfect in your hand. I love the big stainless steel 510 in the center,
    The evolve theme creator can make your screen just how you want it,
    but it comes with a very useful one installed.
    You can use this nice mod right out of the box ,with 2 High drain 18650 battery’s.
    If you are looking for a beautiful color screen DNA Mod,this is it ,
    Best regards
    Ivar Isaksen

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